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Homecare Outsourcing Service

Homecare Billing and Homecare Outsourcing are FGA's forte. We have over 20 years of experience in homecare billing and over 12 years of expertise in homecare outsourcing services.

Our comprehensive homecare billing and homecare outsourcing service for providers encompass all aspects of the revenue cycle management function, from patient registration through assessment, visit documentation to scheduling and homecare billing and all receivables management functions.

The greatest concern organizations have when considering homecare billing and homecare outsourcing is giving up control. However, the right homecare billing or homecare outsourcing company can provide better control within your process. The staff at FGA, experts in homecare billing and homecare outsourcing services, works in conjunction with over 200 providers. As a leader in homecare billing and homecare outsourcing, we have access to knowledge, regulations and payer systems which we harness to enhance the cash flow of our clients and ensure quality that promotes long-term viability.

Receivables - Assets or Liabilities?

Are your receivables turning into a hidden liability? Few providers understand the true cost and potential liability of carrying receivables as they age...aging beyond the point of collection. Liabilities, neatly disguised as assets, may be hidden among your accounts receivable. FGA's homecare billing and homecare outsourcing service can weed out these liabilities among your assets.

In today's market, more payers are subjecting more claims to greater scrutiny. This increased complexity and instability of accounts receivables are leaving financial managers with less ability to manage cash flow than ever before.

FGA's homecare billing and homecare outsourcing service is the perfect solution to your problems.

You Need FGA in your Organization

The access to experienced senior management expertise, which every provider needs, used to be reserved for only the largest of providers with huge resources. The concept of our homecare outsourcing allows the small and mid-sized providers the same access to this expertise.

FGA's "Solution"

Today more than ever, knowledge is power. FGA, a homecare billing and homecare outsourcing leader, enhances your decision making power with Monthly Executive Summaries that highlight your agency's performance in the following areas:

  • PPS Management Metrics
  • Billing Summary
  • Referral/Admission
  • Open Invoice Detail
  • Aged Receivable
  • Revenue/Reimbursement Analysis
  • Visit Statistical Analysis
  • Medicare Cost Statistics

Your Bottom Line

FGA's homecare billing and homecare outsourcing alternative isn't an expense, it's an investment. All of our clients experience dramatic increases in their cash flow and management reporting capabilities. Why not let us show you how THE FGA SOLUTION can put the performance back into your organization.