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Claims Processing and Clearinghouse Services

FGA is a leader in Claims Processing and has been a leading clearinghouse for the past 20 years!

KeyClaims is a flexible and User Friendly web based interface that allows any healthcare provider to manage their entire billing process.

This is how KeyClaims works:

  • Claim data is entered directly on claims, on the KeyClaims website to be tracked through claim status reports.
  • The KeyClaims/Claims2Cash site serves as the repository for all claims management functions including viewing, editing, correcting, and re-submitting claims.
  • Claims validation occurs in real-time, errors are immediately identified during the entry process. If a claim cannot be corrected it is put on "Hold". Clean claims are passed on to the payers in HIPAA compliant format.
  • When Claims on "Hold" are corrected, they are validated in real-time to ensure they are correct and then submitted to the clearinghouse.


  • Electronic Claim Submission
  • KeyClaims available for direct data entry
  • Patient roster for claim entry
  • Complete Library of current ICD codes
  • Correct rejected claims & resubmit immediately


  • KeyClaims speeds data entry & reduces errors
  • Access to a network of over 1200 payers
  • Enhances cash flow