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3/5/2015: As you know ICD-10 will go into effect on 10/1/15. CMS had established a National ICD-10 Testing Week with all of the Medicare intermediaries During the week of 3/2/15. As part of our ongoing ICD-10 implementation, FGA Participated in the CMS testing week with NGS. All of our ICD-10 Test claims were successfully received and acknowledged by NGS.

10/17/2014: CMS has indicated that during the Medicare revalidation process, they may be sending representatives to the Provider location to make sure that the agency is actually operating from that address. A discrepancy as simple as an incorrect Suite number will cause Medicare to initiate an immediate Cessation of Business and revoke the billing privileges of the Provider agency. All Providers should confirm/validate that the correct agency address is on file with Medicare.

09/03/2014: Attn Hospice Providers: Effective Oct 1, late filing penalty for NOE and NOTR begins. Notices must be filed within 5 days or loss of payments to providers apply!

02/18/2014: If you currently use Common Working File (CWF) queries to obtain Medicare health insurance eligibility information for Medicare fee-for service patients, you should immediately begin transitioning to the HIPAA Eligibility Transaction System (HETS)
By April 7, 2014, access to CWF eligibility query functions implemented in the Multi-Carrier System (MCS) and ViPS Medicare System (VMS), also referred to as PPTN and VPIQ, will be terminated.
CMS intends to terminate access to the other CWF eligibility queries implemented in the Fiscal Intermediary Standard System (FISS) Direct Data Entry (DDE), often referred to the HIQA,HIQH,ELGA,and ELGH screens and HUQA, soon thereafter.Read More

11/3/2012: As of Saturday November 3rd, FGA is fully operational after Hurricane Sandy.

11/1/2012: New Jersey Medicaid's Website continues to be down due to Hurricane Sandy

11/1/2012: ATTN: FGA is operating close to full capacity in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

10/31/2012: ATTN: FGA's Disaster Recovery procedures succesfully went into effect and FGA is currently operating in a limited capacity due to Hurricane Sandy.

10/29/2012: Caring Hearts, a home health agency with branch offices in Big Spring & Odessa Texas has hired FGA to perform a Receivable Recovery Project.

10/12/2012: FGA completes integration of ReChek into home care software developer ContinuLink.