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FastCa$h Claims Pre-Payment

FGA through our relationship with Four Winds Capital Group has a premier Claims Pre-Payment program focused only on the healthcare industry. We provide reliable and fast recurring Pre-Payment solutions through the unique integration of our proprietary electronic transaction and revenue cycle management platforms. The amount your business can receive is based on your historic net claim value of the payer’s claims to be pre-paid. By understanding the payer history of the claims to be pre-paid we can offer larger pre-payment percentages with a lower cost of capital than other pre-payment lenders.

Basically, you assign your claims to Four Winds Capital Group by submitting your claims to the Transact-EDI clearinghouse. FGA accesses your claims and consolidates them into weekly batches. Four Winds Capital Group Pre-Pays a percentage of the batch of claims and holds the claims as a unique batch until payment is received or maturity. The transaction settles when the payer pays the claims related to that batch up to the percentage pre-paid!

All FastCash Claims Pre-Payments will be electronically transferred and available in your bank account every Monday morning. The Pre-Payment each week is based on enrolled Payers’ claims processed through our clearinghouse platform from the previous week.